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Thanks to partnerships with three authorised Australian importers, WA Autoclaves can offer you a range of equipment suitable for your practice. We can offer bench top S class, B class and lab autoclaves, ultrasonic washers & instrument washer/disinfectors.

Here is a brief summary of autoclave suitability:

S class autoclaves (single vac pulse before sterilisation) are suitable for sterilisation of solid instruments. This could be suitable for GPs, veterinary, podiatry, beauty etc.

B class autoclaves (triple vac pulse before sterilisation) are suitable for all loads including solid, hollow & porous loads. This would be suitable for any practice including dental, tattoo and surgical practices (including vets). B class autoclaves can also be set to run S class cycles as needed.

Lab autoclaves have different cycle options for media, glassware, waste etc. that include a slow vent-down to avoid spillage of media, including agar.

Our product range is listed here. Please click on any item title or “more info” tag to get more information, including prices, brochures and technical specifications.

Midmark Newmed Autoclaves

Premium European built autoclaves suitable for dental and medical applications. Available in S class & B class and offered in 18 & 23 litre chamber size. Easy to use, quick and stylish too. 2 year warranty

** Midmark Newmed autoclaves – more info **

ProMedCo Autoclaves

ProMedCo are a new addition to the Australian market. Chinese built using good quality European components, these autoclaves are great value for money and come with a 2 year warranty. Size options are 8, 12, 18 & 22 litre – all are B class units.

** ProMedCo autoclaves – more info **

Euronda Autoclave

Premium European B class 24 litre autoclave. For reliability, traceability and connectivity choose this autoclave for your practice. Simple operation, quick cycles, tracking and connection options add up to a future-proof unit that would enhance your steri-room operations.

Runyes Autoclaves

Chines autoclaves built for Australia. Runyes have been listening to their distributors and have kept improving their products continuously. Easy to use and come with a 2 year warranty. Sizes available are 8, 12, 18 & 23 litre. All sizes are available in either S class or B class units.

** Runyes Autoclaves – More info **

Hanshin Vet & Lab Autoclaves

Built in Korea and with square, weld-less chambers, these units are ideal for the recto-linear loads prevalent in labs and vet practices. Cycle options for liquids, media, glassware give you the best choice for sterilisation. S class only. Sizes available are 21 & 41 litre.

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