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Thanks to partnerships with several Australian importers, WA Autoclaves can offer you an extensive range of equipment for the dental, medical and veterinary industry. We can offer bench top dental, medical & lab autoclaves, ultrasonic washers, dental washer/disinfectors, utensil washer/disinfectors & sanitisers.

Our product range is listed here. Please click on any item to get more information, including prices, brochures and

technical specifications.


NM B Class Door Open


B Class Autoclaves Р from 12 litres.


Newmed B6 Speedy


S Class Autoclaves – from 18 litres.



Midmark M9 front view


Vet / Lab Autoclaves – from 18 Litres.




HD 450 Open


Dental Washer Disinfectors.





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