HD 450 Washer Disinfector

European standards now require ultrasonic units and washers (used for instrument cleaning) to be validated annually to prove efficacy. Historically, these changes have often then been made in Australia.

HD 450 Open
HD 450 Washer Disinfector

In Australia autoclaves must be maintained regularly and validated annually. Cycle records must be kept also. However, ultrasonic units are not required to be maintained or validated or even checked for efficacy. In some cases ultrasonic units are not used at all or are not working effectively. The use of a HD 450 washer / disinfector in lieu of an ultrasonic unit will give you the following advantages:

  • Quicker preparation of instruments – they can be loaded directly into the washer without the need for hand scrubbing.
  • Better safety environment for your staff.
  • No need for bulky PPE.
  • Cycles recorded.
  • Instruments are disinfected to international AO60 level, which meets the Australian Standard for disinfection.
  • Cleaning with water spray reduces the damage to your instruments – no more scratched mirrors.

There are many washer / disinfectors on the market today. To assist you with your choice we have prepared a comparison table of the major brands. Hit the “washer comparison” link below to view.



Brochure HD 450-WAA

Washer Comparison


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