B Class Autoclaves

WA Autoclaves can offer you a great range of autoclaves. Contact us if you need assistance to choose the correct autoclave for your practice. All prices excluding GST + Freight.

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Freight is from $200 / unit.


NM B Class Front

Midmark Newmed B18 / B23.

Premium European autoclave.

B18: $7800.    B23: $8700.

Newmed B6 Speedy

Kronos  B18 & B23 Autoclaves.

European built, great value.

B18: $7600.  B23: $8400.


B60 On Trolley


Newmed B60 Autoclave.

Massive – 60 Litre chamber for big loads.

Premium European quality, surprisingly fast.

From $19250.






 Woson 18 & 23 Litre B Class Autoclave

Large bright screen. Printer + data logger (USB) built -in.

18 Litre: $6800.   23 Litre: $8300.



Purus B12

Woson 12 Litre B Class Autoclave

Small bench top unit with full B class capabilities.




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