Newmed Tiche B60 Autoclave

Newmed 60 Litre B Class Autoclave

Large capacity B class autoclave for big loads. Suitable for high volume practices – reduces the number of loads per day. Upgraded steam generator and vacuum pump components provide speed and reliability.

MB60 Door Open

  • Benchtop or trolley (cabinet) option.
  • Great for long loads (355 x 605mm chamber).
  • Low water use for this chamber size.
  • Choice of 121’c & 134’c cycles.
  • Choice of B or S class cycles.
  • Test cycles – B&D and vac test.
  • Built-in printer & USB data logger.
  • Electric door lock.


Newmed Tiche 60 Litre Autoclave – from $19250.


Think outside the square – this unit could be a better option than running 2 x smaller autoclaves!





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