ProMedCo Autoclaves


ProMedCo 8, 12, 18, 23 Litre Autoclaves.

ProMedCo Autoclaves are relatively new to the Australian market.

Built in China using quality components (such as Thomas vacuum pumps and Ulka water pumps).

ProMedCo autoclaves are very well priced, reliable (2 year warranty – parts and labour) and easy to use.




ProMedCo 5 Litre Rapid Autoclave.


ProMedCo features include sleek design, quality components, solid stainless steel chamber.

ProMedCo uses German made Thomas vacumn pumps – built to last.

All ProMedCo autoclaves have built-in thermal printers for recording your cycles.




ProMedCo 45 Litre Autoclave.

Hit these links for more information on these autoclaves:

ProMedCo 5 Litre Rapid Premium

ProMedCo 8 – 23 Litre

ProMedCo 45 Litre



ProMedCo autoclaves are suitable for sterilising all types of loads including dental, medical, podiatry, veterinary, beauty, tattoo etc. They include printers for cycle recording. Here’s some features of the ProMedCo autoclaves:

  • Competitively priced.
  • Fully compliant & reliable.
  • Compact design – front access to printer, USB port, H2O drains.
  • Simple design & operation.
  • Australian business – full backup in sales and service.

Here’s our ProMedCo autoclave pricing (excluding freight and GST):

  • 5 Litre Rapid B Class: $4450
  • 8 Litre S Class: $2900
  • 8 Litre B Class: $3500
  • 12 Litre S Class: $3500
  • 12 Litre B Class: $5600
  • 18 Litre B Class: $6600
  • 22 Litre B Class: $6700
  • 45 Litre B Class: $13000

Please note – “S” clas cycles are only suitable for solid instruments (ie beauty, piercing, podiatry, general practice and some veterinary practices). “B” class autoclaves are suitable for sterilising all loads, including hollow and porous.

Freight to WA will vary according to the size of the unit bought. Approximate freight would be B5&8: $220. B12: $280. B18: $320. B22: $350. B45: $520. For delivery time and acurate quote please contact WA Autoclaves.

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