Runyes Autoclaves

With several years of gradual improvement in fixtures, components and PCB design, Runyes autoclaves are better and still very good value for money. Available in either S or B+S class and in sizes from 8 to 23 litres, they are ideal for medium and low volume practices. With solid backing from MES (the licenced Australian importer for Runyes) and full parts & labour warranty you can have confidence in this equipment for reliable operation and longevity.

Our prices for the range of Runyes autoclaves:

S Class:

8 Litre:  $2800.   12 Litre:  $3380.  18 Litre:  $4700.  23 Litre:  $5700.

B&S Class:

8 Litre:  $2800.  12 Litre:  $3380.  18 Litre:  $5700.  23 Litre:  $6400.

Freight and GST to be added. Freight ranges from around $220 to $440, depending on size of unit ordered.

Prices include printer, delivery, installation, staff training and 2 year warranty (parts + labour).

Please hit this link for more info on the Runyes autoclaves:

** Runyes autoclave brochure **