S Class Autoclaves

S class autoclaves ( with a single pre-sterilisation vacuum pulse and vacuum assisted drying) are suitable for the sterilisation of solid instruments, open or packed. They are simpler and usually cheaper than B class autoclaves. They may be suitable for GPs, podiatry, beauty and veterinary practices. Please contact WA Autoclaves to verify the correct autoclave for your business. The Kronos Newmed S class autoclaves are European made and imported to Australia by Mediquip. I am proud to be the WA distributor for Mediquip products.


Newmed S Class Autoclaves



  • Built-in printer.
  • Electric door lock.
  • Good cycle choice including night cycle.
  • Fast cycles due to strong vac pump & steam generator.
  • Outer dimensions – 18 litre: 610Dx445Wx400H. 23 litre: 695Dx445Wx400H

18 litre: $6450 (+Frt+GST).  23 litre: $7370 (+Frt+GST). Freight is $250 (18 Litre) & $300 (23 Litre).




WAA Kronos Newmed Brochure



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