Hanshin 21, 41 and 60 Litre S Class Lab/Vet Autoclaves

Hanshin Lab + Vet Autoclaves.

With square chambers, the Hanshin 21SD & 41SD are ideal for labs & vets. Whether processing vet surgical kits or lab 500ml schott bottles, this autoclave could be the answer for you.


  • Fits onto most bench tops.
  • Square chamber to suit rectolinear loads.
  • Built-in thermal printer (no need for ribbons).
  • Microprocessor controlled operation.
  • Efficient steam generator & vacuum pump.
  • Slow vent-down¬†cyles (for media & liquids).




The Hanshin 60 litre vet & lab autoclave is more suitable to large capacity loads. Simple, reliable operation with built-in thermal printer, this unit will help you sterilise large amounts of instruments, glassware or media in a single load. See the brochure below for more info.






Hanshin Vet & Lab Autoclaves


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